Rewarding Experience

It’s been a rewarding experience for me and the kids. I’m pleased with the services I’ve been receiving in the past few days, especially the wonderful staff dedicated to providing the best options for our needs. The schools have done a wonderful job welcoming and hosting us, as have the host families who treated us like their families. It’s a memorable experience I can never forget, and I’m absolutely grateful for having such beautiful memories. Thank you.

Visiting Group Leader

End Of Week Reflection

The experience that I had at Eastlake Elementary was memorable. The three days went so fast. It was a humbling experience to be put out of my comfort zone is regard to language barriers, as well as being in the role of a “leader.” The kids were very polite. It showed in their faces that they were excited to be there and here in San Diego, in general.

Activity Guide

Agency Testimonial

Hiromi is tireless in her efforts to serve as a family member, mother, friend, neighbor and business leader. She is patient and caring with deep, however, reserved emotions. I would recommend Hiromi without hesitation and trust her implicitly.

Agency Testimonial